Friday, October 12, 2012

Star Wars: Angry Birds Release Date and Trailer

The upcoming Star Wars: Angry Birds set to release on November 8th has just come out with its first trailer. A very enjoyable 25 second announcement sort of trailer. No actual gameplay shown in trailer.
fan art from angry birds tumblr

You can see the trailer also on the angry birds official tumblr. A lot of fan art is already being uploaded on their Tumblr as well. Drawings of what the fans believe the in game birds will look like with the Star Wars adaptation to them. The drawings are amazing go follow that blog on Tumblr.

When Bad Piggies released it was available on android OS devices and the iOS devices iPad, iPhone, and iPod Touch.

They also uploaded their first in a series of comics. I like the way they are depicting scenes from the movie with the art piece. How many will there be? I don't know, but might continue as a way for them to announce upcoming in game content.

video was embeded from YouTube upload

Are you interested in the toy line that will launch with the game? Hasbro has announced the toy line products. Huge assortment of toys coming. According to Amazon the plush toys will release on October 28th. Darth Vader, Luke Sywalker, Storm Trooper, Han Solo, Princess Leia. Plus other additional toys.

Will you be getting one of the plush toys? How about downloading the Star Wars: Angry Birds game?

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