Monday, October 22, 2012

Halloween Pumpkin Carving Time: Gamer Edition

Well it's that time of year again to put on the costumes and get all the candy. It is when the creative shine, showing their artistic skill with their Pumpkins and their other Halloween decorations.

Where is this pumpkin design inspired from? If you guessed the game Limbo, you're correct.

Limbo was developed by the independent Danish design group Playdead and is available on all platforms. You can download it for your Playstation 3, Xbox 360, Steam, Mac, PC, and Onlive. Limbo is a black and white platforming game where you are a nameless child in search of his sister. You are thrust through an unknown world which is not explained very thoroughly but left more to interpretation. This is one of the aspects that contributed to being a highly rated game and highly criticized by others as well.

These carvings were produced with a lot of patience, an x-acto knife, razor, and a spoon. I would not have thought that a spoon would be used to make these two masterpieces. The creator posted a video on YouTube showcasing his design as well. The video is a year old, the title did say series so I was hoping to find more on his channel, but sadly this seems to be the only one he has produced.

This is just beautiful. I find it difficult to do something simple like the smile, the eyes, or the nose of the pretty standard pumpkin carving. Last time I tried carving a face I shoved my hand down the middle and created a big dent on half the pumpkin. Only a couple of days left for Halloween, so you should start working on your designs to show case your talent.

What types of pumpkin carvings have you made? Have you made any inspired from a game you enjoy? What about your Halloween costume(s)?

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