Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Humble eBook Bundle Added more Books

The Humble Bundle site has added five more books to their current eBook bundle.

The five books are XKCD volume 0, Save Yourself, Mammal!, The Most Dangerous Game, Attack of the Bacon Robots, and finally Epic Legends of the Magic Sword Kings. The average contribution has gone up to $13.11 and there is only about 7 days left

XKCD Volume 0 is a collection of popular webcomics, that are little comedic strips about everything. Save Yourself, Mammal! is another hysterical  collection of webcomics based off the Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal (SMBC) site that has been going for ten years. The Most Dangerous Game is also from the SMBC site, but only focuses on the 2011 year. The fourth webcomic book Attack of the Bacon Robots is based off the Penny Arcade site that writes comics related to video games. Epic Legends of the Magic Sword Kings continues to the story by being volume 2 of the Penny Arcade series.

Plus you will get the original eight eBooks that were being offered. One can never have too many books to read.

Humble Bundle is known for their game bundles where you pay as much as you want for the collection. The amount contributes to the site itself, the developers, and to charity.

Will you be adding these books and webcomic inspired books to your collection? What are you reading right now?

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