Friday, October 12, 2012

Hawken heading to Closed Beta

Hawken has just announced at midnight pacific time on Twitter that it is stepping into its closed beta stage on October 26th until October 28th at midnight.

If you already participated in the alpha stages of Hawken rejoice because you will be included in the beta. Make sure to check your email for that beta participation notification. Plus the NDA restrictions will be lifted on the closed beta only so now you can upload videos to YouTube or wherever else you may share your game play.

The open beta will be on December 12th, so not a long wait for those that were not able to participate in the alpha. Make sure to follow @PlayHawken on Twitter and PlayHawken on Facebook for any other additional codes they will give out.

Don't forget to check the Hawken FAQ for any additional questions about the beta.

Do you want to participate in this upcoming Free 2 Play game? What other free 2 play games have you played? Do you prefer the free 2 play over the blockbuster titles?

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