Monday, October 29, 2012

Games Releasing October 29: Guns Of Icarus Online

Guns of Icarus Online will be available on Steam for PC and Mac at approximately 10 am pacific time. If you pre-order before then you save 25% off the full price.

About The Game

The Steampunk game was actually funded through a Kickstarter back in February and managed to surpass its goal by a good amount. Guns of Icarus Online was developed and published by Muse Games. In this first person shooter you and your online buddies take control of an airship in this post apocalyptic world each with your own specific duty on board. On the airship you have the choice of being either the Pilot, Engineer, or the Gunner. Each class benefits the airship battles in different ways. You won't be able to jump on board other ships and fight hand to hand though.

Don't worry you will be able to take down the ships using an array of weapons based off either their explosive characteristics, fire, shatter power, piercing ability, or a flechette effectiveness. You will have to know the four different ships inside and out to use them to their full effectiveness, the ships are characters on their own. You will not have to fight at all times, peace does reign among the areas as well. The game will feature a type of an adventure mode, a soon to release piece of downloadable content that will add to the game, but you will have to purchase separately.

What You Buy

The game is available in three different tiers: just the game with the 25% discount, the Collectors Edition, and the 4-Pack Collectors Edition. The $24.99 Collectors Edition features one copy of the game, a Captain's Costume Pack, and the in-game soundtrack. The $34.99 Collectors Edition 4-pack has everything the previous edition has, but also includes three more copies of the game for your friends as well. That last bundle seems like the most appealing since you somewhat guarantee yourself people to play with. Plus aren't most online games a lot more entertaining with friends


For more of Guns of Icarus Online you can follow the developers on either Facebook, the developers Twitter, or the games Twitter. You can also join the official Guns of Icarus steam group to find other people interested in the game.

And Finally

I honestly enticed myself writing this post, kind of on the verge of pre-ordering the game. The game sounds very entertaining, not pleased that I have to be online at all times to play, but I can get over that. I love how they included you can try out the various ships and classes.

Have you played any air vehicle type of games? Have you played the previous iteration of Guns of Icarus? Did you get hyped for the game just by hearing about all the things you can do?

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