Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Coming Soon- The Walking Dead: Episode 4

Rejoice zombie fans!!! Its coming!!

Telltale Games the developers of The Walking Dead game have announced a release date on their blog for Episode 4 of their 5 episode series. Episode 4 Around Every Corner is due to release on Tuesday October 9th in North America on the Playstation Network for $4.99. Will also debut on the Xbox Live Arcade on October 10th at only 400 Microsoft Points. Also October 10th for the PC/Mac from the Telltale online store part of their $24.99 season pass. Season Pass can also be purchased from their partners Steam, Origin, Amazon, GameStop, and Gamefly.

No European released dates have been announced just yet for the Playstation Network.

Trailer for game is available here. Go check it out, it's pretty awesome. So many zombies and so much running.

They arrive in Savannah heading to the river front looking for a boat. They end up getting swarmed by zombies. Clementine was almost taken down by the zombies. More survivors? The survivor behind the radio, revealed? Lets see how much will be revealed in this episode.

For those wondering what penultimate means 'next to the last.' Basically only one episode left after this one.

How far into The Walking Dead game series are you? Have you played any episode? Are you going to watch Season 3 of the Walking Dead premiering October 4th?

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