Saturday, October 6, 2012

Halo 4: Forward Unto Dawn Premiered

The Halo 4: Forward Unto Dawn live action series was premiered on Machinima's YouTube channel Machinima Prime October 5th. The link to the video is here: live-action Halo series. Go and watch a whole 20 minutes worth of Halo now, its really awesome. You can also watch it from your Xbox 360, you just have to have the YouTube app installed.

After this point I'm a be writing about what happened in the first episode.

 *********************************SPOILER ALERT********************************

You were warned.

The live action series leads up to the events of Halo 4. Its going to introduce all the characters

Within the first thirty seconds you can here Cortana sending out a message about Chief''s location. Yes, Master Chief makes a short cameo in the first episode. He's in cryostatis, but at least he shows up.

The ship suffered catastrophic loss, once held 784 members of UNSC now left with one. Once the screen clears up the first character is introduced as Lasky, by his name tag and shown to be a Commander.

Then there seems to be a flashback to where Lasky is a teenager coming out of cryostasis with other crew members. They throw their gear on and all rush outside to fight the enemy. Lasky ends up disobeying a direct order from his squad leader, Vickers, which costs the group the training exercise. Before running out there he screams out 'Axios' which means "I am worthy"

They weren't in an actual battle, it was just simulated. The cadets are members of Corbulo Academy of Military Science for United Nations Space Command (UNSC) careers. Upon arriving at the school Commander Black gives a little history about the school and a lecture on how as cadets they are suppose to behave.

You will see the words Hastati on the floor representing the name of their squad. Hastati were warriors of ancient Rome, they were the infantry, the first in line into battle.

Lansky was referred to as an 'innie lover', which are Insurrectionists. They were the main enemy during the Insurrection which was an undeclared civil war with the UNSC.

Lansky seems to be ill. Has some blisters and difficulty breathing, suspected reason is the cryo training but could of been due to something else. We know he doesn't die since its his flashback, but who will die in this series?

Forward Unto Death is written at the bottom of that Warning restricted area sign. Did Lansky write it, is he wanting to rebel?

When Silva is reading the digital newspaper you can see the date is 24 March 2526. Newspaper references the insurrectionists bomb attack on a civilian spaceport. Second article was about stealing Hyperion class warheads.

At first I thought the video between Lansky and his brother was live, but seems to be files saved on his computer system. Seems to be tension between Lansky and Silva, reasons behind fighting the innies. Pretty cool that they are playing a variation of chess with their ammunition. The brother is most likely still alive because he brings out the board to play.

The computer seems to glitch real quick when the spaceship approaches from the sky. Who's in there?

Pretty awesome episode, next one comes on Friday the 12th. Don't forget to pre-order Halo 4.

How did you like the first episode? Did I catch some information you didn't? Did you find out something I missed?

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