Tuesday, October 2, 2012

How high is your Gamerscore?

Microsoft has established a new perk in their rewards program based on how high your Gamerscore is on Xbox Live.

This is a really great addition,for now, to their already established Xbox Live rewards program. To be eligible for the rewards you must be a current Xbox Live Gold member, having just a Silver account won't suffice. There's three tiers in the program: Contender, Champion, and Legend. All three get a nice little special gift, while the Champion and Legend get a 1% and 2% rebate respectively on the Xbox Live Marketplace. In the pictures you'll see some asterisks, one is for the value of the Birthday gift being offered has a $0.25 retail value. The two asterisk defines that you must be currently subscribed as an Xbox Live gold member to be eligible.

The Contenders stand between the 3000 mark all the way up to 9999. Who doesn't have more than 10,000 Gamerscore these days, jeez.Now we have the Legends ranging in gamerscore between the 10,000 mark all the way up to 24,999. Bit more of a stretch here but possible. Finally we have the Legends, the gamers with a score of 25,000 or more. These players get those achievements often and raise that Gamerscore very fast.

I am a Champion with a 22,312 Gamerscore. What are you?
Xbox Live achievements were introduced way back in 2002 during the time of the first Xbox. The subscription service is about to reach its 10 year anniversary in November. Games usually offer achievements reaching up to 1000 Gamerscore and more recently going way beyond that number with Downloadable content being offered for games. A score of 25,000 does not seem very hard to reach, with more than 20 million subscribers to the service there has to be a pretty big group that is classified as Legend.

Hopefully Microsoft decides to expand these perks way beyond three tiers since it would give people more incentive to continue playing and striving for more achievements. 

How do you feel about the three tier hierarchy for the achievements?  How long have you been an Xbox Live Gold member? 

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