Thursday, October 11, 2012

GameSpot TV App on Xbox

If you live in the United States or United Kingdom great news for you. GameSpot launched its Xbox 360 app for your viewing pleasure.

If you closely follow the games news site GameSpot then go and download the app. Being able to watch all their shows, reviews, everything right off your Xbox on the TV is pretty great. Nice app addition for Microsoft on its journey of making the Xbox  your go to source for entertainment.

I like being able to watch something full screen on my TV instead of my 15 inch laptop. Plus I get to continue  doing work on my laptop with minimal distractions, only 16 tabs open the minute I'm writing this.

You will be able to use your Kinect to browse through the dashboard and select their videos. You will then be able to play, pause, and rewind said video you are watching.

I would like the ability to connect my GameSpot profile to maybe make a comment on their videos. Just so I could have some form of interactivity with the video I am watching. I don't want to feel like a couch potato. Their iOS app still does not have the ability to comment or integrate my profile with it so I did not have high hopes of that being included on the Xbox app. Maybe in the future?

Do you follow GameSpot news? Will you be downloading the app? If not, why? What apps have you downloaded or do you only use the Xbox to play games?

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