Friday, October 5, 2012

Coming Soon: Painkiller Hell and Damnation

The upcoming game Painkiller Hell and Damnation will be available on October 31st on both Xbox or PC.

One should note that the game is a modern remake of Painkiller and the expansion Painkiller: Battle Out of Hell. Being developed by The Farm 51  team who worked on the first Painkiller game released in 2004. The original game has gotten various expansion packs and add-ons since release. The last expansion pack Recurring Evil was released back in February of 2012 on steam.

The game is being developed on the Unreal Engine 3 which is responsible for the whole Gears of War series, Borderlands 2, the upcoming Dishonored game, plus many more games. Just by these games you know the new Painkiller is going to look beautifully amazing.

What is the first person shooter Painkiller Hell and Damnation?
The game follows Daniel Garner's journey through Purgatory, a very special part of hell. You will use Daniel to ward off demons and try to save souls that have been brought down into Purgatory. Those demons will come in various shapes and sizes ready to take you out throughout the campaign. Be ready for the multiplayer so you can test out your skills.

If you would like to get some nice perks for purchasing the game, head on over to Steam to pre-purchase the game. Steam has also added some extra incentive for pre-purchasing, by offering them all a multiplayer body skin and the Painkiller Black Edition. You will have to versions to choose from, for the additional 10 dollars the Collector's Edition doesn't seem half bad.

The team can be found on Facebook plus their official site.

Are you into playing games that involve demons? Will you be picking up this shooter that takes place in hell?
Do you purchase games that are remakes, does that influence your decision over the game?

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