Monday, October 15, 2012

Pro Gamer Stephano of StarCraft 2 Suspended

Ilyes "Stephano" Satori of the StarCraft 2 team Evil Geniuses is being suspended for a certain sexually based comment he made during a live stream.

The comment was made during @dignitasBlinG live stream  of StarCraft 2. Stephano brought up a 14-year-old during a conversation and was interpreted as him allegedly having sexual relations with said 14-year-old.

After noticing that they were publicly having this conversation over the live stream where every one can see it, the stream was cut off. Note that the gray box shows stream is offline now and the blue chat box of what was said before cut off.

Stephano has already made a public apology through his Twitter handle @EGStephanoRC clarifying that the comment was an inside joke. Even though some people could see this as a very bad joke, Stephano was still suspended for a month without pay. He can not play any tournaments offline or online during this time. The video was also deleted from the history of dignitasBling Twitch channel. so the video can not even be viewed any more. Cover up?

More info at GameSpot and Kotaku.

Do you believe the punishment should be more severe? More time, less time? Was it a joke? Over reaction by the community? Should he even be playing around like this, if he was?

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