Monday, October 1, 2012

Halo 4 Update: Mantis and Ragnarok

Halo 4 the sci-fi first person shooter new map Ragnarok has been announced and the Mantis is ready for action.

Does Ragnarok look familiar to you? It should if you played Halo 3 that was developed by Bungie. This new map by 343 Industries is a redone version of Valhalla from the multiplayer version of Halo 3. Most of the changes do seem to be merely cosmetic, but does look beautiful compared to Valhalla. One new addition to the map is the new mech suit, Mantis

For the first time Halo will have a playable mechanical suit, this is awesome. Comes with turrets capable of taking down a banshee, other mechs, tanks, and of course other players running around. If you don't want to shoot your opponents, you have the ability of stomping them out of the game. Also 343 Industries has graciously added the ability to T-Bag your opponents while using the mech suit. This will definitely add emphasis to your kills.The mech suit is not invincible though, you will be able to disable it and take it down.

If you would like to see the Mantis in action on Ragnarok you can view it in this video here. Are you excited for Halo 4 coming out November 6th? Will you be jumping on that Mantis or do you not like the idea of the suit being included in the game?

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