Monday, October 15, 2012

Call of Duty Elite is Free and the Season Pass

Call of Duty Elite will offer all of its features for Call of Duty Black Ops 2 for free when the game is released on November 13.

The service was originally offered by Activision for a $49.99 yearly membership when Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 was released. For those that had purchased the service last year it will continue to offer the same perks towards Modern Warfare 3 until the end of the membership.

The same services will be pushed over to Black Ops 2 for free. You can track your progress via statistics, heat maps to improve your tactics, plus information from recent games. For those that participated in clan matches/events that service will continue and will give you the opportunity to earn some digital content.

 A new feature for those Zombie enthusiasts will be included, giving the player the chance to track their Zombie statistics and see how they hold up against other players. Call of Duty Elite TV will also make its return. Videos based around tips and tricks for the service and the game will be featured.
For those that love getting their content bundled, the season pass for Black Ops 2 is coming. Four of the upcoming map packs will be offered for one discounted price of $49.99 in the Season Pass. If you hold out and decide to purchase the map packs individually they will be offered for $14.99. How many map packs will there be altogether, Treyarch has yet to reveal this information. We do know that the DLC will have multiplayer and zombie content.

Are you glad that Call of Duty Elite is free? If it wasn't free would you have opted into the service again? Will you be getting  the season pass or just the map packs individually?

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