Monday, October 15, 2012

War Z Alpha Testing Begins Soon

Update: It has begun
War Z is stepping out in its Alpha stage to the players on October 15th for a select few.

For those that don't know, War Z is a survival game developed by Hammerpoint Interactive. You are a survivor among many who try to survive the zombie outbreak by scavenging for resources and fighting off zombies with various weapons.

War Z will be offered in three tiers: Survivor, Pioneer, and Legend. Each are offered at different prices $19.49, $29.99, $49.99 respectively and come with certain perks. The War Z Pioneer and Legend packages will give you the privilege to try out the game before any one else on October 15th. The Survivor package players will have to wait until the beta is available on October 31st. As an added incentive if purchased before October 20th then you get the game at a reduced price.

If you are able to purchase the Pioneer or Legend packages then you will receive three guest keys that gives your friends a 48-hour period so they can try out the game for themselves. Also each comes with a special forum badge to show your status among the community.

Let's say you want to capture footage of the game or share some awesome screenshot you got in game. You can not share anything at this point of the game due to NDA regulations. The NDA will be lifted on October 31st and you will only be able to share what you record after that date. Do not share anything from the alpha stage, only the content from the beta.

Now we wait for the game to go live.

Will you be purchasing the War Z game to try out in Alpha or Beta? Will you be hoping for a 48 hour key to be thrown your way? Do you like zombie games? 

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