Monday, October 8, 2012

Call of Duty Map Favela Removed

Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 developers, Infinity Ward, removed the multiplayer map Favela. Video, Message to Infinity Ward From Muslims, was posted on YouTube on October 2nd explaining why the map was offensive to their religion.

Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 was released back in November of 2009. This was three years ago and was just discovered by the player. The issue revolved around a picture frame that was located on the multiplayer map Favela. On that picture frame there is arabic writing  that says "Allah is beautiful and he loves beauty."

The placement of the frame is what was found offensive. The picture frame is hanging above a toilet in the bathroom, a disrespectful placement according to the Islamic religion. The uploader has asked for an apology from Infinity Ward via their Twitter, Facebook, YouTube channel, and official site. Plus a patch to remove the picture, but video ends with a threat to the developers that the game will be boycotted by the Islamic gaming community if nothing is done.

Well okay, one way we can go with this is devil's advocate.

Everyone is entitled to their opinion. There are certain individuals who may find this offensive, while others may not be offended at all. Others may not have taken notice of this. I believe that we should respect other people's beliefs even if we do not agree with their religion. I follow no religion whatsoever and that decision should be respected as well.

As long as a person's religion brings no harm to others in any way or belittles people then let them preach.When a religion starts interfering with others outside of your religion then your beliefs become a sword that you're attacking others with. Your beliefs should not affect the way I live, the way others live, or the way societies are run.

The writing placement is something that disrespects people of the Islamic religion, more information should have been acquired before including the writing in the game.

Should the map have been completely removed. No? Yes? Map could have been kept in due to freedom of speech. Do all countries follow freedom of speech? Censorship? Could multiplayer server blocked certain sections of the world from playing the map. Would that have been an easy solution? Loophole?

I don't play Modern Warfare 2 Multiplayer anymore so this does not personally affect me in any way. Do you still play the Multiplayer? Did you take notice of the map being out of rotation?

Do you think the map should have been removed?

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