Thursday, October 4, 2012

Free 2 Play: End of Nations

End of Nations is an upcoming Free 2 Play massive multiplayer online real time strategy (mmorpg) game developed by Petroglyph that is going into its final closed beta session today October 4th.

End of Nations revolves around a global war where you can team up with friends or go solo. All of these battles between Spartan, Patriot, Wraith, and Phantom forces will be in real time with 2-56 consecutive online players. Now you can imagine some big battles are going to go down with tanks and infantry mechs.

There's a couple of ways to be enlisted. If you are part of Raptr, go and check out their Rewards section because you may have qualified for one of their remaining beta codes. Only a couple of days left to qualify. There are some requirements: connected Facebook account, resident in a qualifying country, and a hardcore rating in one of eight games.
If you are a fan of game streams the NDA regulations will be lifted as well so you can see some live gameplay. I would stream it myself, but I don't think my laptop could handle the game to show with quality. I'm in the process of acquiring a more powerful gaming rig.

Let me reiterate that the game is free to play, but you can still purchase the game for some added perks. These perks will not help you completely destroy your competition away, but they might be perks of your liking. Three different versions of the game will be available for purchase: the standard edition, collectors edition and the founders edition. Ranging from skins, VIP membership, and additional unannounced bonuses.

Will you be attempting to join the End of Nations beta or will you wait for the release? The release is still TBA 2012. Are you into MMO's or real time strategy games?

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