Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Indie Royale Fall Bundle

The fall bundle distributed by Indie Royale is out today. Comes with five games, an album, and a few extra perks.

We have the Role Playing Adventure game To the Moon developed by Freebird Games. There's Oil Rush a naval real time strategy game developed on the Unigine Engine by the Unigine Corp team. One of the additional perks is the Oil Rush OST which are 18 tracks of music for the game.

Blackwell Deception is the 4th point and click adventure game in the Blackwell series developed by Wadjet Eye Games. AVSEQ is a music puzzle game developed by Big Robot where you make the music sequences yourself. The last game in the bundle is Reprisal a real time strategy game that was developed by the Reprisal Universe. The game was based off of Populous originally developed by Bullfrog in 1989.

Finally you will also be able to unlock the 88:88 album by Makeup and Vanity Set with only contributing at least $8 for the bundle. If you want to catch this amazing bundle you only have four days left so hurry. Stay tuned here for more information on the Halloween Bundle to be released soon.

Have you purchased one of the Indie Royale Bundles? Will you be purchasing this new one that came out?

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