Sunday, October 7, 2012

Have you heard of extra life?

Extra life is an organization with the simple of idea of 'Play Games. Heal Kids.' You spend 24 hours playing video games while your friends sponsor you and this raises funds to help kids out. It's very simple and it will be very fun.

The event will start on October 20th at 8am of your specific time zone. Participating gamers are not obligated to do it at this time they can go at whichever time is most accommodating to their schedule. Gamers can do this straight from their own homes and they are allowed to play whichever game they want.

The sponsors can make a one-time gift or make a monthly pledge. Plus the gamers get to choose where their supporting donations will go to. It's a very worthwhile cause and hope everybody can contribute to help out their local children's hospital.

I will be participating in the charity event as well. My profile can be found here if you want to help out. I will be streaming the whole event with the occasional breaks to eat and what not. Hope you all can support me and make it over to the stream. I will be playing to support my local Los Angeles Children's Hospital.

How will you be participating? Will you support a fellow gamer to help out a hospital?

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