Saturday, September 29, 2012

Is Bad Piggies For You?

The developers of the highly successful game Angry Birds has just released Bad Piggies for Mac, iPhone, and Android phones. If you need help with getting through the game the walkthrough help guide will be available here. Not yet, but available soon.

iPad HD version
iPhone/ iPod Touch version 

The Bad Piggies game is available for only 99 cents for the iPod and the iPhone. If you want to play the game on your iPad you can go for the 99 cent model, but there is also a $2.99 HD Bad Piggies made for it. I wish they made a more cloud based version where you download on either iPhone or iPad, the progress shifts over to the iPad or iPhone version. At first I was skeptical about the game thinking it would play in the same fashion as Angry Birds.

I was wrong.

There are similarities between both Angry Birds and Bad Piggies. This include the structuring of the levels and the three star completion in the game. Other than that there are new additions to the type of gameplay you will  be doing, no more launching birds in this one. The game will require a different approach.

There is a total of 135 stars to collect for two modes and some secret unlockables as well. The game is compatible with your gamecenter profile which will allow you to get achievements and take on challenges from friends who also have the game. While playing, the player has three objectives for every level to get the three stars. First objective is to get the pig across the finish line. Second is to finish the level withing a certain time. Finally to also get the secret star located somewhere in the level. Sometimes you may have to play each level more than once to acquire each star, but finishing the level is a definite requirement for getting any of the other two stars. Should take everyone a while to complete the game, especially since there will be more content on the way.

On the title screen they made it relatively easy on both the iPhone and iPad versions to head on over to their Twitter, Facebook page, and YouTube.

Hope you have some fun playing this game, has kept me entertained. Also don't forget to stop by my Walkthrough channel and the news channel associated with this blog which I will start uploading videos soon.

Have you played Angry Birds before? How about the additions to the Angry Birds game? The lite version are available as well if you are not ready to make the purchase.

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