Saturday, September 22, 2012

StarCraft 2 Fans, Time is Running Out

The StarCraft 2: Heart of the Swarm Beta Sweepstakes hosted by Twitch is coming to a close on the 24th of September at 8 o'clock.  A very easy process to go through to enter the contest for a chance to play the game before its release. Also it is only one entry per person for the sweepstakes. During the beta the non-disclosure agreement (NDA) regulations will be lifted which will allow you to stream the game, upload content to YouTube, and share pictures with your friends.

The sweepstakes gives you the chance to be awarded one of the one thousand beta codes available to the public. Other codes will be given to StarCraft pro players and other known figures of the StarCraft community. On the plus side for those gamers who have never played StarCraft 2: Wings of Liberty the beta will still be available to them to play. If you happen to own the previous game it might help out your chances at winning.

For those that don’t know, StarCraft 2 is part of the real-time strategy genre that is played on a PC running windows, but the game is also compatible with computers running the Mac Operating System. Heart of the Swarm is an expansion pack adding to the storyline and the multiplayer, and the second installment of the three part StarCraft 2 story progression. It should be noted that the beta will only offer participants the multiplayer aspect of the upcoming expansion pack which also does not have an official date as to when the completed version will be released.

For more information on what can help your chance on acquiring a beta code, go to the official site of StarCraft 2. Hurry time is running out.

Have you signed up for the beta already? Have you heard that Blizzard Entertainment is thinking about making StarCraft's multiplayer free-to-play?

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