Monday, September 17, 2012

Borderlands 2 Releasing at Midnight

By the time you read this, Borderlands 2 will probably have been released and you are already playing the game. Walking around for countless hours trying to acquire all the achievements/trophies the game has. If you find yourself at a loss and need help acquiring one of those achievements, just simply return here as I will be uploading a walkthrough for the game. Link to walkthrough will be provided at a later time.

download wallpaper from Borderlands 2 site

Borderlands 2 the highly anticipated sequel to Borderlands, released in 2009, will be available to customers that pre-ordered the game tonight at midnight from your local GameStop, Best Buy, or wherever the game was available for pre-order purchase. If pre-ordered through Steam you will be able to commence playing as soon as the game is available at midnight for your specific time zone.

Borderlands 2 continues the 4 player co-op adventure in Pandora the setting for the original Borderlands. The unique art style of the game makes it stand out among the other first person shooters and role playing games of the genre. Borderlands 2 continues being developed by GearBox Software and published by 2K Games.

If you simply cannot wait for the game you can play the original Borderlands 16-bit de-make on your PC. Head on over to that site and play it on your browser.

Borderlands 2 appeared on page 90 of the newest issue of GameInformer.  The game received a very high score out of 10,  GameInformer's Game of the Month award, and finally GameInformer's Platinum award. 

Did you pre-order Borderlands 2? Will you be playing solo or playing through the game in 4 player co-op?

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