Thursday, September 20, 2012

Call Of Duty Black Ops 2: Zombies Preview

The preview for the world premiere reveal of the zombies mode in Call Of Duty Black Ops 2 was uploaded on September 19th to YouTube. Have you watched it yet? If you haven't, head on over to the Call Of Duty official site and watch it on there.

The world premiere trailer will go up on September 26th, but no time has been announced. Follow Call Of Duty on Facebook and/or Twitter for more information, you can also make your way back to here.

The photo is of the poster that was distributed to the first people that pre-ordered the game. I still have my copy on my wall, do you have yours?

If this game is still not on your pre-order list there are three different versions you can choose from: Care Package edition, the hardened edition, and just the game. There are various perks added on to each, but depending on the retailer you might be able to get an extra perk or two as an incentive to pre-order from them.

Make your Choice:
Care Package
The Game

Zombies was originally introduce by Treyarch in Call of Duty World At War.The game was released back in 2008 and was the third Call Of Duty Game that Treyarch worked on. Zombies has become an integral part of the Call Of Duty franchise and many people purchase the game just to play that mode. The zombies mode in Call of Duty was also ported over to iOS keeping the same premise of just shoot and survive for as long as you can. The game is available off the Apple App Store for $0.99 for both the iPad and iPhone. There was also a Black Ops Zombies version of the game released on the store.

With only a couple of days left for the premiere where are you getting you Call Of Duty fix from? Are you still playing Call Of Duty or do you stay away from the first person shooters?

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