Sunday, September 23, 2012

Free-To-Play: Hawken

Hawken is an upcoming free-to-play first person shooter that is scheduled to be released at the end of the year on December 12. The game will have a multiplayer component that will have you controlling a mech soldier and battling it out with other players on either Team Deathmatch or Free for All mode.

The game was available to play during the Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) 2012 at the Twitch booth. I was given a short opportunity to play the game when it was on the show floor and have to say it was a really enjoyable experience. I wish I could have played for a longer period of time than I did, but there were many games I wanted to try it out.

The game is already out to a select few in its alpha stage. The game is not complete, but the game is at the stage where you can play with minimal issues. From what I heard from people that have the alpha version of the game it runs smoothly, visually pleasing, and a very small learning curve. There are some alpha codes out there, but to acquire them I am not sure what has to be done. Some of the people with alpha codes may have an extra one or two depending on the situation.

We are not able to see any previews of the game since the NDA regulations are in effect. Basically the people that have the game get to enjoy it and helping out with locating the issues the game may have. However, they are not able to stream, upload any clips to YouTube or take snapshots to share with the general public that does not have the game.

Not to worry you can still sign up on the official Hawken site for the opportunity to play during the beta if you cannot wait for the December release. The game will be available to play on Windows PC and also on Mac OS. Also by signing up early on their site you will be able to reserve your callsign and be ready for battle right when the game comes out.

Pictures were from the Hawken Fan Site package that is available to download by everyone that is excited for the game. To hear more news straight from the developers head on over to their Facebook and Twitter.

Are you excited for the free-to-play Hawken game? Do you like the concept of the free-to-play games, are they the future of gaming?

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  1. I Like Hawaken I Wait for it like 3-4 Month Hope It Works well with my pc Thank you guys for The Greatest Game I Will Invite All My Friends Just After Testing It Thanks Again <3