Monday, September 24, 2012

Wii U : No GameStop Pre-orders/ region locked

The upcoming next-generation console from Nintendo the Wii U can not be pre-ordered through GameStop anymore.

There is only 54 days left for the release of the Wii U, did you pre-order your copy? If not there's certain places that might still have it available. I have found that Walmart still has the basic edition, but only if you're willing to pay a little more than the suggested retail price. If that one does not float your boat, Toys R' Us allows you to pre-order the basic model as well, with a similar additional price jump.  

Toys R' Us is trying to pull you in with your choice of a game to take along with the console. Wait a minute why is the 8gb basic set $299, but when you add a game the price jumps a $100. The deluxe set is 32gb and comes with a game for only $349. 

Don't fret for people that still decide that they want to pre-order through GameStop they are now offering a wait list. Not available online from what I can see, you  must physically go to the store and show one of the employees that you're a GameStop powerup rewards member

Nintendo has also confirmed that the console will be region locked. Nintendo UK revealed the news to  Eurogamer earlier today. What is region locked? If you buy your system in the United States you will only be able to play games specifically designed for the United States. The Wii U is not the first system to be region locked, the Xbox is region locked as well. The difference is that Xbox and Playstation have left the decision up to the game publishers, if they want to deliver the game as region locked or not.

Did you even know your current console is region locked? Does this affect your choice of next-generation console? 

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