Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Nintendo Announces Wii Mini

Nintendo unveiled the Wii Mini to be released on December 7th for $99. Now that sounds like a good deal for the holidays if you were not able to get the newly released Nintendo Wii U.

The console was originally leaked on the Best Buy website.

The December 7th release date is for Canada only. At this point the console is a holiday exclusive for Canada. If you live outside of Canada there is yet to be any information or release date given. Will the console be released worldwide?

The console will have no internet capabilities and you can not play Nintendo GameCube games. The Wii Mini was designed to be family-friendly and can only play Wii games. That's not necessarily bad since there are over 1300 Wii games to choose from.

Nintendo's consoles are known to be region locked,  maybe the Wii Mini will be locked to North America. If it is, people in the United States will be able to purchase and play the console with NTSC-U games released here in North America.

Would you purchase the Wii Mini if it was released outside of Canada?

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