Thursday, November 29, 2012

Humble THQ Bundle is Live

The Humble Bundle featuring games published by THQ is available now. Featuring a total of 7 games and 5 sound tracks.

The games are only available on Windows and you need Steam to play the games.

There is just a little less than thirteen days to acquire the Humble THQ Bundle head on over to the site to get your copy. So far there has been 247, 000 bundles sold and the average price the bundle has been sold at is $5.61. The highest contribution at this time has been $1024.00 by Turtle Rock Studios.

If you contribute less than the average you can still acquire 6 of the games and 4 soundtracks. The games in the bundle are Darksiders, Metro 2033, Red Faction Armageddon, and three different Company of Heroes titles. The three titles are Company of Heroes, the expansion pack Company of Heroes: Opposing Fonts, and the expansion pack Company of Heroes: Tales of Valor. To get the last game in the bundle you will have to contribute more than the average. You will receive Saints Row the Third and the soundtrack for the game.

Be wary though since gamers in Germany are having issues with Saints Row the Third. They have not been able to activate the game through Steam.

I have already purchased my copy of the bundle, will you be purchasing the Humble THQ Bundle?

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