Friday, December 21, 2012

the XMAS Bundle 2.0

Indie Royale has released the XMAS Bundle 2.0, its last bundle for 2012. 
There is a little more than four days left to acquire the bundle. The total amount of bundles sold at this point is 6,259.

The bundle includes seven games, two in-game soundtracks, and if you pay more than eight dollars you will unlock one additional album. The bundle includes Colour Blind for Steam(PC), windows, and desura. Offspring Bling can be tried on the developers site, the game will be available on steam(PC and Mac), windows, mac, and desura. Serious Sam Double D and Serious Sam: The Random Encounter will be available on steam(PC), windows, and desura. Puzzle Bots will be available on steam(pc), windows, and desura. Little Kingdom is available only on windows and desura. The bonus game included is Namiko which is available on windows, and that won first place in a game jam at the University of Advancing Technology.

The bundle includes two bonus soundtracks, Puzzlebots OST and the Colour Bind music track. If you pay more than $8 the bonus is the Rhythm'n Bits album by Yoann Turpin.

Will you be adding the Indie Royale Bundle to your collection? Have you purchased any bundles from the Indie Royale site? 


  1. Man feels like forever since I've played Serious Sam Double D

    1. I haven't played Serious Sam Double D yet, how's the gameplay?