Thursday, December 27, 2012

Humble Indie Bundle 7 Adds more games

There is a little less than six days left to acquire the Humble Indie Bundle 7 which stands at $6.49 average. Three more games and three more soundtracks have been added to the bundle.

The three games added to the collection are The Basement Collection, Offspring Fling, and Cave Story+. The Basement Collection includes 8 flash games designed by Edmund McMillen : Aether, Time Fcuk, Spewer, Coil, Grey Matter, Triachnid, Meat Boy, and two additional unlockable games. Offspring Fling is a 100 level platforming game where you play as mother forest creature trying to save her children. The last game in the bundle is Cave Story+ a 2D platforming game that pays tribute to the game mechanics of Metroid and Castlevania.

The three soundtracks are for in game music of The Basement Collection, Offspring Fling, and Cave Story+.

If you had already purchased the bundle then you will receive these additional six items for free. For those that haven't purchased the bundle you will have to pay higher than the average to add these to the collection. The bundle includes a total of nine games, one movie, and nine soundtracks.

Have you already purchased the bundle? Will you be adding these games to your growing collection?

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